Some Benefits Of Swimming To Brain That You May Not Know!

Some Benefits Of Swimming To Brain That You May Not Know!

You probably already know about the benefits of sports training. Not only to help maintain a healthy body, strength, stay in shape, increase immunity and limit the risk of diabetes, heart disease as well as limit stroke. In addition, swimming also has effects on the human brain that you may not know. Come on, let’s find out.

Brain benefit of swimming

Water sports are not only good physically, but are also essential for memory, mental and cognitive abilities. Especially swimming helps to improve the cardiovascular system, muscle activity and it is important for brain health. Many studies show that the benefits of regular exercise have a positive effect on cognitive performance.

Here are 4 benefits of swimming for brain health.

1. Swimming enhances blood circulation

By promoting circulatory flow, swimming enhances memory and concentration. Being immersed in cool blue water, with rhythmic activities and coordination, increases blood flow to the brain, which helps the brain to function in the best condition.

2. Swimming helps refresh, reduce stress

While swimming, the body secretes hormones such as endorphins that help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression … In a study published in Medical Daily, researchers found anti-depressant effects in swimming mice. . Swimming helps to reduce stress, anxiety … like when we meditate.

3. Swimming enhances memory

Swimming helps to improve and overcome the stress on the brain. In studies conducted on mice, the researchers found that the hippocampus-region involved in memory activity increases activity when you swim.

4. Swimming helps to study better

Swimming is a sport activity that requires rhythmic coordination, connecting the two hemispheres of the brain by developing nerve fibers. This type of connection increases children’s awareness of learning. In children who can swim as a child, there are opportunities to develop a combination of vision and muscle activity, according to the Daily Mail. Children develop better language and motor skills; In addition, it also helps children calculate faster and more accurately.

How do those benefits impact children’s brains?

A 2010 study in the journal Brain Research found that 9 and 10-year-olds who are more active have larger hippocampi. This is the area of ​​the brain responsible for long-term and related memory (the ability to learn and remember relationships between unrelated things). These children performed higher on memory tests. Of course, let your child get active as soon as possible.

Swimming make your child smarter
Swimming make your child smarter

Another study published in Developmental Review in 2009 concluded that children in good physical form perform better intellectual activities. Research has also shown that different exercises have different benefits. For example, aerobic children perform more executive tests (EF, including the ability to decide, plan, organize and follow instructions) better than children do normal exercises.

Swimming is the same. First, swimming techniques also require the same tactical, adaptive and goal-oriented skills as the EF activity. They also require complex skills and activities under the control of the anterior prefrontal nerve vessels – the area that supports EF activity. In addition, swimming causes physiological changes in the brain, not just the neurochemical reactions, but also structural changes in the brain regions involved in learning.

Exercise also positively affects the child’s motor capacity. In 2012, a 20-month study from Perceptive Motor Skills was conducted on 400 children aged 3 to 5 years old. Children participate in one swimming lesson (45 minutes) per week, along with at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. The results showed that these children have better balance body, sensitivity, and coordination ability than children who only do one period of exercise per week. Many studies also show that children who exercise regularly have a higher IQ than children who sit in class all day.

Through the above article, we can be sure of one thing. That is, swimming early will have a huge positive effect on children’s brains, making them smarter and more logical. You should not hesitate but train your child to love water and gradually adapt to water from now on.

Source: Swimming Make Your Child Smarter, Is It True?