The choice of jewelry is always an important and key factor to express your own style and personality. But not everyone has aesthetic taste to know how to combine different types of jewelry accessories with outfits, balance the strap length with body height … So read this article, they will give You have valuable experience to wear the right necklace, fit for your best physique.

Choose the most suitable line length

Aphélie necklace

Currently, most of the lines are designed according to the standard frame length as follows:

Chain length 35-40 cm: Chain design close to the neck but still ensured not to cause discomfort for the wearer.

45 cm long necklaces: Also known as princess necklaces. When worn, the length of the cord will reach the correct part of your collarbone.

Chain length 50-55 cm: The length of the chain is located between the collarbone and chest. These are considered the most popular sizes in the jewelry industry.

Necklace 60 cm long: Chain length to reach the middle of the chest.

Chains with a length of over 70 cm: Chains are quite long, usually in the form of smooth chains or sparkling beads, almost without accompanying side.

Consider your height when choosing a necklaceConsider your height when choosing a necklace

A small necklace but absolutely has the power to honor your physique if you know how to choose the right proportion for the height.

If you are a girl with a modest height, just under 160 cm, long necklaces, especially over 50 cm, should be prohibited. You are suitable for jewelry straps that are only mid-chest.

If you are lucky enough to have a standard height of 160 cm or more, you can rest assured to test many different types of necklaces. But for girls 170 cm tall, you should limit the use of necklaces or neckbands, they will make your friend become longer. Long necklaces are the most reasonable choice for these “long legs” girls.