January and Garnet gemstone – What do you already know?

January and Garnet gemstone – What do you already know?

The pioneer is always the one to carry the most important responsibility… and so is the 1st birthstone of the year. As the gems of the first month of the year, the beauty and preciousness of Garnet really do not disappoint jewelry lovers.

Origin of Garnet

In gemology in general and gemstone jewelry in particular, Garnet is one of the gemstones with the oldest historical value. According to records for 1 century, archaeologists have found many Garnet jewelry specimens dating back to 5000 years in ancient Egypt. Derived from the Latin ” Granatus”  means “nuts, seeds’ pomegranates, “Pomegranate ruby” bearing a transparent red color characteristic can be called extremely beautiful.

Garnet - Pomegranate ruby
Garnet – Pomegranate ruby

There are many oral legends about this stone. In addition to being considered as a fortification of Pharaoh’s property in ancient Egypt when he died, Garnet is also used in the making of seals in ancient Rome to endorse important documents. Particularly the Jews have a more luxurious use of Garnet, which is to craved perfection in the belief that Garnet will bring noble prosperity to their next life. Garnet itself represents balance and the will of fire, so they are very suitable for those who are honest, brave, and who like fairness and transparency in life. Thanks to such strong will, in the Middle Ages, warriors who went to battle often encrusted their shields with Garnet stones, symbolizing their defense, protecting themselves from casualties.

Garnet with legends relating to royal power from ancient times
Garnet with legends relating to royal power from ancient times

The effects of Garnet on health

Garnet stone can treat depression, reduce fever, bleeding, headache, regulate heart rate, and blood vessels. Improve the immune system, increase energy for wearer, especially bone and joint problems. With yellow and brown garnet stone, it is used for dermatological diseases, allergies…

Garnet and feng shui elements

Garnet is a symbol of power and good fortune. Garnet’s red color is a symbol of victory and noble fire. Anything related to red has an increase in energy and strength. With the belief in red power, people believe that by keeping the Garnet stone, success, luck and glory will soon come to the wearer.

Oriental Feng Shui believes that the pomegranate ruby ​​symbolizes abundance and profusion. The red color represents aspiration, power, youth. People often give each other feng shui pomegranate fruit made from garnet stone, implying good luck for families with many children.

Garnet – beautiful and rare – deserves to be one of the top priority choices in your jewelry collection. Come right to the nearest store to own for yourself the most beautiful natural Garnet jewelry before New year!

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