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Engraved silver necklace with 4 leaf grass design

Four-leaf grass with the meaning of bringing luck has become an endless source of inspiration for many jewelry designers. The products of bracelets, necklaces with 4 leaf grass shapes are favored by many customers. In this article, we will take a look at the 5 most popular 4 leaf grass pattern necklace nowadays. What is the meaning of the 4-leaf grass chain? The images of 4-leaf grass when applied in jewelry design have received the attention of many customers for their meaning and value. Four-leaf clover brings faith, hope, love, and luck. That is why those who possess 4-leaf grass jewelry will definitely be happy and peaceful. Faith If you own a four-carded branch, you can have more faith in life because it is a symbol of luck, also known as a lucky charm. Hope If your work, study, or love life is not going well, you will surely feel extremely…

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Wearing too much silver jewelry

Some of you often say that you can’t wear silver jewelry, you’ll get itchy and you allergic to it! Actually, silver is very benign, even very sensitive baby skin can still wear silver jewelry. Allergy or itchiness when wearing silver jewelry is usually due to the 3 following reasons, let me show you: Usually for silver jewelry to avoid blackening and oxidation, the jeweler plated on a nickel layer to protect the silver. And when you wear it, which unintentionally binds to our sweat and occurs some irritation. It is great to have healthy skin, but those who have quite sensitive skin will feel itchy and uncomfortable. The product does not have enough silver, according to the standard that the product must have 92.5% – 95% silver in it. If the silver % is not high, then other compounds’ % will be high and might cause some irritation to human skin.…

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Perfect Gift for Her • Minimalist Name Necklace by CaitlynMinimalist in Sterling Silver, Gold and Rose Gold

Silver jewelry is becoming more and more popular because of its effects on beauty trends, but it also helps the wearer to avoid toxic weather. However, not everyone knows how to wear silver jewelry properly and scientifically. We would like to introduce to you the 4 most common mistakes women often make wearing silver jewelry. Wear silver jewelry all day long Do not wear silver jewelry for too long, especially at night. Remember to remove silver jewelry from your body before going to bed otherwise, it will inhibit blood circulation and limit metabolism which accelerates the aging process faster, in addition to making the body more tired and causing sleeplessness. Remove jewelry when it is not needed Activities such as playing sports, going to the beach, or going to the kitchen, … it is best for you to remove silver jewelry and put it in a safe place to avoid…

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Measuring ring size

Many people are afraid of buying jewelry online, especially ring products, that might not fit. To help you feel more secure in buying on our website, I will guide you on how to measure your hand size quickly and accurately: There are 2 ways to measure ring size: Option 1: If there is a ring available, please measure the diameter of the ring (note measuring the inside diameter) and then report to the shop diameter measurement.  Option 2: If you do not have a ring, cut a sheet of paper that is 3-5 mm wide and sufficiently long. Wrap your hand tightly and mark it with a pen, then take a ruler for the length of the ring (follow the illustration). Then divide by 3.14 to get the diameter of the ring.