4 mistakes of wearing silver jewelry that women often make

4 mistakes of wearing silver jewelry that women often make

Silver jewelry is becoming more and more popular because of its effects on beauty trends, but it also helps the wearer to avoid toxic weather. However, not everyone knows how to wear silver jewelry properly and scientifically. We would like to introduce to you the 4 most common mistakes women often make wearing silver jewelry.

Wearing too much silver jewelry
Wearing too much silver jewelry

Wear silver jewelry all day long

Do not wear silver jewelry for too long, especially at night. Remember to remove silver jewelry from your body before going to bed otherwise, it will inhibit blood circulation and limit metabolism which accelerates the aging process faster, in addition to making the body more tired and causing sleeplessness.

Remove jewelry when it is not needed

Activities such as playing sports, going to the beach, or going to the kitchen, … it is best for you to remove silver jewelry and put it in a safe place to avoid creating an environment for silver to turn black faster.

Avoid your silver jewelry contacting chemicals

Avoid your silver jewelry contact with the following chemicals: hairspray, sunscreen, makeup powder, soap, … because they reduce the strength and brightness of jewelry.

Wearing too much silver jewelry at once

Silver jewelry is still known as a type of jewelry with extremely good antiseptic properties, but do not take it for granted. Especially for children should only wear one piece of silver jewelry such as a bracelet or anklet. Because if your child wears too much silver jewelry, it will cause some trouble while he was playing as well as making the body carry unnecessary items on him. In addition, wearing silver jewelry or any other type of jewelry too much not only looks heavy and confusing, but you also receive unfriendly attention from those around you.

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